Selectors of the national competition program: Igor M. Toholj , film auteur, producer and programmer, Saša Radojević, film critic, director and screenwriter, Miroljub Stojanović, film critic, publicist and editor.

Selector of the international competition program Borjana Gaković, film historian, theorist and programmer from Germany, Dragan Nikolić , film director, screenwriter and editor of the Belgrade Youth Center film program, Dejan Dabić, 70th Martovski Festival Art Director.

Igor M. Toholj

Selector of the national competition program

Born in 1968 in Belgrade, where he obtained his BA in film and TV editing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Auteur of over 20 experimental and documentary films, screened and awarded at festivals nationwide and worldwide. Member of AFUN, UFUS and the Association DOK Serbia. Goethe Institute (Berlinale for film experts) and Dante Alighieri University grant recipient. Founder of the Zero film production company, which produced about twenty short and feature-length experimental and documentary films. Jury member of film festivals, including Roshd, Tehran; ARUFF, Istanbul; HFF, Rijeka; Cinema City, Novi Sad. Selector of the Palić European Film Festival since 2008. The program director of the Dok'n'Ritam festival since 2016, artistic director of the DOK #4 festival since 2019 and the silent film festival Silence is Golden since 2021. Program selector of the IPA project FILMY Serbia-Hungary, 2019 -22. Participant of the International Conference History-Film-History 2023 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since 1994 he has been working as the editor of the Students' City Cultural Center film program.


Saša Radojević,

Selector of the national competition program

Born in Belgrade. Obtained his BA from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Wrote scripts for documentary TV series and short films. Published books on cinema, The Myth of Frankenstein (1991) and Serbian Film: the Fifties (2023), as well as the novel Wild Shadows (2002). He was an assistant director to Theo Angelopoulos on the set of the film Ulysses' Gaze (1995). He is the co-screenwriter for the feature films Land of Truth, Love and Freedom (2000), South by Southeast (2005), Doctor Ray and the Devils (2012) and The Loop (2015), screenwriter for the film The State (2013) and director and screenwriter of feature films Kisses (2004), Narcissus and Echo (2011), Branded (2015), Family (2015) and Alexandra (2019). The feature films he collaborated on won multiple awards in the country and abroad.


Miroljub Stojanović,

Selector of the national competition program

Studied world literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Engages in film criticism, film theory, essay writing and research. Published his works in more than 40 trade magazines, daily newspapers and periodicals. His original works were included in about twenty film books. His texts about the film have been translated into six languages, and his rich bibliography is complemented by numerous TV and radio appearances, lectures and panel discussions. Asian film and Asian cultures (he resided in 24 Asian countries) have been the focus of his interests for years, with particular emphasis on Indian and Japanese cinema. Publishing editor at the Film Center of Serbia. Winner of the Nebojša Popović award for film criticism in 2019.

Borjana Gaković

Selector of the international competition program

Born in 1981 in Sarajevo. Lives in Berlin since 2001, where she studied film and media studies in Potsdam. Curates film programs, researches film and media, and lectures on film and film culture at various universities across Germany. Collaborated on numerous film, theater, exhibition and media theory projects. Her work primarily focuses on representation of history and the medialities of historiography, European cinema in the 1960s and 1970s, women and film, and war and trauma in film. She was the media spokesperson for the German Association of Municipal and Cultural Cinemas (2017-2021) and the editor of the film quarterly Kinema Kommunal. Since 2020, member of the Program and Selection Committee of DOK Leipzig, the Leipzig International Documentary and Animated Film Festival.

Dragan Nikolić

Selector of the international competition program

Obtained his BA and MA in film directing from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. Student of scientific doctoral studies at FDU, majoring in Theory of dramatic art, media and culture. The complete auteur of The Undertaker (2013), Caviar Connection (2008) and National Park (2006), all premiered at IDFA. The writer of the feature film Love Cuts (FEST 2019), co-writer of the feature documentary Made in Serbia (FEST 2005) and the short Run Rabbit Run (Cannes Film Festival 2003, Cinéfondation award). Author of the play Transylvania (15 years on the regular repertoire of the Belgrade Drama Theater) and I, an American, listed in the top five for the 2014 Sterija Award. Film program editor at Belgrade Youth Center since 2018. The first regular member of the Atelier Varan Pariz association from Serbia. One of the lecturers at the Atelier Varan workshops in Belgrade and Novi Sad in 2022. Member of several professional associations in the country: DokSrbija, UFUS, UFUS AFA protection. Took part in the selection and juries of several national and international festivals. Alumni of the EURODOC program, BerlinTalent Campus, IDFA Summer School, Aristoteles Workshop and Atelier Varan Paris.