70th Martovski Festival Awards

The closing and award ceremony was held in the Belgrade Youth Centre, marking the anniversary, 70th edition of the Martovski Festival and presenting the awards to the best films and auteurs of one of the oldest European festivals. There were 101 films in the competition program in the following categories: experimental film and video art, animated film, short feature film, documentary film up to and over 50 minutes and international short film.

Filmove je izabrala selekciona komisija, koja je radila u sledećem sastavu: selektori domaćeg takmičarskog programa – Igor M. Toholj , film auteur, producer and programmer, Saša Radojević, (filmski kritičar, reditelj i scenarista) i Miroljub Stojanović, (filmski kritičar, publicista i urednik); selektori međunarodnog takmičarskog programa – Borjana Gaković (filmska istoričarka, teoretičarka i programerka iz Nemačke), Dragan Nikolić  (filmski reditelj, scenarista i urednik filmskog programa Doma omladine Beograda) i Dejan Dabić (umetnički direktor 70. Martovskog festivala).

Žiri 70. Martovskog festivala, koji je odlučivao o nagradama radio je u sastavu:  Joško Marušić, filmski reditelj, scenarista, animator, karikaturista i profesor (Hrvatska), kao predsednik žirija; Želimir Gvardiol, filmski reditelj, scenarista i producent (Srbija); Narcisa Darijević Marković, filmska i televizijska rediteljka, scenaristkinja i profesorka (Srbija); Aleš Pavlin, filmski i televizijski producent i profesor (Slovenija) i Pjer Žalica, filmski i televizijski reditelj, scenarista i profesor (Bosna i Hercegovina).

photo Stanislav Milojković



Film: Funeral / Pogreb / Sprovod

Written and directed by Šimun Šitum

Country: Croatia

Jury statement: The specific feature of the Mediterranean spirit and the life poetics without banality captivate oneself in the screenplay-story about the departure from this world to the next. Playing with a life situation contributes to the mentality, dialogue satire and comedy, so rare today in the cinematic view of the world.

The award will be presented later due to the inability of the winner to attend the ceremony.


Film: O novcu i sreći / Money and Happiness

Animation: Ana Nedeljković, Leon Vidmar, Nikola Majdak mlađi

Country: Serbia

Jury statement: With this prize, the jury wants to point out the creative harmony of all the elements of the film, especially the lovely story, but those elements where animation is the main emotional and perceptual generator. Especially animation in the demanding technique of enlivening characters modeled in plasticine.

Ana Nedeljković and Nikola Majdak Jr. accepted the award. Joško Marušić, the president of the jury, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: Prilagođeni

Directed by: Dejan Petrović

Country: Serbia

Jury statement: The suggestive and expressive camera enhances the visual structure of the image with an authentic and convincing atmosphere, a metaphorical story about reward and punishment. A camera that speaks louder than any words.

The award went to Dragan Vildović, director of photography. His colleague, Luka Milićević, accepted the award on his behalf. Nenad Dragović, director of the Belgrade Youth Centre, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: YU grupa – Trenutak sna / Yu Grupa – A Fleeting Dream

Directed by: Darko Lungulov

Country: Serbia

Jury statement: Years of editing added quality to the film and complemented the excellent direction with the art of storytelling.

Miloš Korać, the film editor, accepted the award. Nenad Popović, Martovski Festival Board member, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: YU grupa – Trenutak sna / Yu Grupa – A Fleeting Dream

Directed by: Darko Lungulov

Country: Serbia

Jury statement: The sound image fulfills its function brilliantly in this excellent film and additionally argues for the mandatory viewing of this film on the silver screen in theaters.

The award went to Miloš Drobnjaković and Ivan Uzelac, sound designers. Dragan Nikolić, editor of the Belgrade Youth Centre film program, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: Kristina / Kristina

Directed by: Nikola Spasić

Country: Serbia

Jury Statement: For a bold and fresh directorial process where the auteur skilfully plays with elements of documentary and fiction, resulting in not a hybrid but an authentic, organic film form.

The award went to Nikola Spasić, director. Dragomir Zupanc, Martovski Festival Board member, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković



Film: Kratka istorija nas / A Brief History of Us

Directed by: Etgar Keret

Country: Poland

Jury statement: When among a large number of films of an international selection, which includes films of all genres and types, the jury awards the best prize to an animated film, it means that it is truly an exceptional achievement in which an original and believable story naturally drives the dramaturgy guided by excellent, rich and original animation, stylized through a dynamic game of lines and sketches from the first to the last frame of the film.

The award will be presented later, due to the inability of the author to attend the ceremony.


Film: Povratak kući / The Return Home

Directed by: Nikola Polić

Jury statement: A story about the hero's existential problems told in an observational and discreet manner using simple directorial tools. Watching the events on the screen, the viewer begins to ask himself where the plans we had for the future were lost and where is that possible "return home", i.e., to themselves.

The award went to Nikola Polić, director. Aleš Pavlin, the jury member, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: ID / ID

Directed by: Ana Pakljanac

Jury statement: In almost 18 minutes, the filmmakers describe the dramatic and anxious journey of the main character through the ordeals and labyrinths of life with impressive artistry in 3D animation. The environment's design is in harmony with the hero's character generated by hyperrealistic stylization from the template of the actor's creation.

The award went to Ana Pakljanac, director. Dejan Dabić Martovski Festival art director, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: Fitnes Džim / Fitness Jim

Directed by: Ognjen Isailović

Jury statement: Beneath the dumbells and loud music simmers the chaos of a young man who has found himself in a new, unfamiliar life stage. The auteurs of this film lead us through restlessness, anxiety, desires and disagreements, with a very precise directorial process and excellent acting. We discover a fragile hero hidden under a bulging body. Precise and emotional from the first frame.

The award went to Ognjen Isailović, director. Narcisa Darijević Marković, the jury member, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: Rudarke / Female Miners

Directed by: Marija Đoković i Nataša Janković

Obrazloženje: Rediteljke se u ovom filmu bave važnom i zanimljivom temom pričajući nam snažnu priču o herojstvu (možda poslednjih) heroina koje
rade težak posao pod zemljom. U tami rudnika otkrivaju nam razmišljanja o najdelikatnijim problemima svojih junakinja, o feminizmu, jednakosti, podelama uloga…

The award went to Marija Đoković and Nataša Janković, directors. Želimir Gvardiol, the jury member, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: Muzej Revolucije / Museum of the Revolution

Directed by: Srđan Keča

Jury statement: It is a dark film, but then again, full of light brought to it by the warmth and greatness of its heroines. "The wind rose in the night and carried away our plans", but as long as there are such heroes, hope remains.

Radiša Cvetković, assistant director, accepted the award. Pjer Žalica, the jury member, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Film: YU grupa – Trenutak sna / Yu Grupa – A Fleeting Dream

Directed by: Darko Lungulov

Jury statement: This film wouldn't have been possible without music, but it is more than a film about music. It is a metaphor for a specific space and era, but it managed to retain humanity and sensitivity. A great, mature film with authentic heroes we love, fear and enjoy their well-deserved victory.

Darko Lungulov, the film director, accepted the award. Joško Marušić, the president of the jury, presented the award.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Besides the main prizes, the 70th Martovski Festival jury awarded two special prizes:

Special prize went to the film Čuvam te/Your Guardian, directed by Mimi Vlaović.

Jury statement: A strong and emotional film that takes us back to the past and at the same time, talks about the present and the future of the young generation.

Mimi Vlaović, the director, accepted the prize. Dejan Dabić, Martovski Festival art director, presented the prize.

photo Stanislav Milojković

Special prize went to the film Bez/Without, directed by Luka Papić.

Jury statement: A precarious but daring decision - a documentary adventure of a spirit in search of the identity of a man and the land he walks on and lives in.

Aleksandar Denić, the main protagonist, accepted the prize.. Dejan Dabić, Martovski Festival art director, presented the prize.

photo Stanislav Milojković


LIVING PICTURES company awarded Nenad Pržulj the prize for color grading and post-production to Nenad Pržulj for Moj crveni film/My Red Film.

Jury statement: Cynical, self-ironic, and at the same time full of life and humor, a film in which the author tries to find answers to the questions about sex and love, whether they are separate or not.

Stefan Orlandić presented the prize on behalf of the LIVING PICTURES.

photo Stanislav Milojković


Dodeljene su i Nagrade Radionice za debitante: Nakon naglog rasta broja prijava i interesovanja za treće izdanje Radionice za debitante, od izabranih 9 projekata igranog i dokumentarnog filma, koju su zajedno realizovali domaći eksperti Andrijana Stojković i Jovana Nikolić u saradnji sa Sari Volanen, urednicom New Cinema slota na finskom javnom medijskom servisu, dodeljene su dve nagrade.

The prize of 150,000 dinars gross, awarded by UFUS AFA Zaštita - Organization of Film Auteurs of Serbia, for supporting the development of young auteurs, went to director Nikola Polić, a Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade student, for the documentary film project Razmena ili kako sam preživeo pubertet / Exchange or how I survived pubertyAddressing a young audience primarily, the director opens the topic of sexuality subtly and humorously, questioning his romantic feelings towards peers of both genders.

photo Stanislav Milojković

YLE nagradu u vidu konsultacija u razvoju projekta, sa mogućnošću pre-buya, dodeljuje Sari Volanen u ime finskog javnog medijskog servisa za projekat “Grand Jette“, reditelju Andriji Kaleniću i producentkinji Taši Prosen, studentima Akademije umetnosti u Beogradu. “Grand Jette” je projekat dokumentarnog filma koji observira napore mladog domaćeg baletskog igrača Đorđa Kalenića na profesionalnoj prekretnici iz prestižne štutgarske baletske škole u još zahtevniju baletsku školu Boljšoj teatra u Rusiji.

Director Miloš Škundrić presented the prizes on behalf of UFUS AFA Zaštite – Organization of Film Auteurs of Serbia.

photo Stanislav Milojković


MARTOVSKI FESTIVAL – the 70th edition of the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, a permanent event of cultural importance for the City of Belgrade, took place from March 28 to April 2, 2023, in the Belgrade Youth Center.

One of the oldest Europe film festivals will was marked by the significant anniversary of 70 years of establishment, something no film festival in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia has had so far.

Festival Patrons are the City of Belgrade, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Film Center Serbia.

Festival management: Belgrade Youth Center

The Festival is supported by: Yugoslav film archive, Austrian Cultural Forum, Zastava Film, Filmske novosti, DPC, Living Pictures, Tourist organization of Belgrade, Tourist organization of Serbia.