Sweden  / 2021. / 34’ 45” / Documentary

Written, directed and produced by: Jelena Mila

Production company: M.A.M.M.A produkcija Stokholm

On the Elavation of the Holy Cross Day in 2020, with the blessing of the British-Scandinavian Bishop Dositej, the film follows a day on the property of the future first Serbian monastery and spiritual-cultural center in Smedjerid, Laholm municipality. The sanctuary dedicated to the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God has been in construction in the south of Sweden for twenty years, and the works are slowly coming to an end.


Jelena Mila 

Actress, film director, producer, author. Besides stage and film art, she likes math, poetry and theology. She received her master’s degree in Acting at the Belgrade Faculty of Dramatic Arts and is working on her doctoral thesis in film theory. She helmed the feature film Iron Warrioresses – Women Volunteers in First World War based on the eponymous stage play. She prepares film adaptations of her other stage plays dealing with prominent women of Serbian history: Tsarina Jelena and Mileva Marić Einstein. She published five books, currently develops screenplays about two historical female figures: Jelena Balšić and Jelena Petrović of Savoy.

Lives and works between Stockholm, Belgrade and Perast. The mother is two wonderful boys.





* World premiere