Short film retrospective: selected by and directed by Lordan Zafranović

  • Ljudi u prolazu / Passers-by (documentary, 10 minutes, 1967)
  • Poslepodne (puška) / Afternoon (Rifle) (short, 14 minutes, 1967)
  • Valcer (moj prvi ples) / Waltz (My First Dance) (short, 28 minutes, 1970)
  • Lica terakota / Faces of Terracotta (documentary, 30 minutes, 2003)
  • Duh vremena / Zeitgeist (Switzerland; 2018, 28’) SERBIAN PREMIERE!


Zeitgeist is based on the Cities on the Move exhibition of press photography from reporters of the large Turkish and Yugoslav daily newspapers on everyday life in Sarajevo, Istanbul, Belgrade and Ankara after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.