For Our Eyes Only: John Glen

Germany / 2021. / 115’ / Documentary

Written, directed and produced by: Carsten Panitz

Produced by: Dr. Michael Flintrop, Dragana Latinović

Participants: John Glen, Janine Glen, Maud Adams, Beatrice Libert, Dr. Michael Flintrop, Prof. Dr. Ivo Ritzer, Dr. Wieland Schwanebeck, Benjamin Lind

Production company: Fenomena Film Production


British film director John Glen was special guest of honor at the 6th Cineways International Filmfestival in Brunswick/Germany in 2017. There he received the Cineways Lifetime Achievement Award for his work as editor, second unit director and director. This documentary contains an in-depth interview with John Glen that was conducted prior to the festival in his home in Oxfordshire as well as interviews with Maud Adams, the main actress of Octopussy,  actress Beatrice Libert, who starred in Moonraker, German film scholars Wieland Schwanebeck and Ivo Ritzer and others. John Glen’s career as editor and second unit director as well as his films as director (including Aces: Iron Eagle III and Christopher Columbus: The Discovery) are discussed and his achievements as a director of five James Bond movies (For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, A View to a Kill, The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill) are analyzed regarding their connection to his second unit direction of action scenes in The Wild Geese or Peter Hunt’s Gold and Shout at the Devil.

Carsten Panitz 

Received his Bachelor’s degree in English and American Studies and Literary Studies at Bielefeld University in 2009 having written his B.A. thesis on director John Carpenter.. He made several short films as writer/director before executive producing the full length feature Zwischen Sommer und Herbst by writer/director Daniel Manns. Currently developing his first feature film as writer/director and directing a stage adaption of E.T.A. Hoffmann’s Der Sandmann as a solo performance with actor Stefan Meißner. This is his first full length documentary feature.


Dr. Michael Flintrop

Martovski Festival Guest

He has been working as a lawyer in Braunschweig for 25 years as a criminal defense attorney. During his studies in Regensburg, he wrote cinema reviews for 20 years before becoming an PhD on the study of American Action Cops at the University of Göttingen. Since 2012 former and organizer of the Cineways International Film Festival Wolfsburg, which has already had international guests such as directors John Badham, John Landis, Joe Dante, John Glen and Bruce Beresford.

*World premiere